WEICON HB-300 Plastic Metal 1Kg

WEICON HB 300 is pasty, steel-filled and high-temperature-resistant up to +200 Degree C (392 Degree F) (up to 280 Degree C/536 Degree F for a short period of time). It is processed with a mixing ratio of 1:1. The epoxy resin system is also suitable for applications on vertical surfaces and can be used for the repair and bonding of cast and metal parts, for filling in blow holes, for repairing damage on containers, carriages and machine parts and for sealing pumps and pipes. The product can be used in mechanical and plant engineering, in equipment engineering, and in many other areas of industry.

WEICON HB-300 Plastic Metal 1Kg
Ships from
Batam, Indonesia
Base Epoxy
Filler Steel
Texture Pasty
Colour Dark grey
Processing temperature +15 to +40 Degree C
Component temperature >3 °C above dew point
Relative air humidity < 85 %
Mixing ratio by weight 100:100
Mixing ratio by volume 100:90
Density of the mixture 2,5 g/cm³
Shrinkage 0,15 %
Viscosity of the mixture at +25 Degree C 1.700.000 mPas
Consumption Layer thickness 1.0 mm 2.5 kg/m²
Max. layer thickness per step 20 mm
Pot life at 20 Degree C, 500 g batch 30 min.
Additional layer after (35 % strength) 6 h
Working strength after (80 % strength) 10 h
Final strength (100 % strength) 24 h