MILWAUKEE M18PAL-0 M18 Cordless Pivoting Area Light
Product Description
Product Features

The most versatile flood light for any task. The M18 Pivoting Area Light is designed to work in any workspace, jobsite, and on any surface. It has two powerful magnets allowing users to mount this light to almost any metal surface. It also has a 51mm (2") spring loaded clamp giving the user the ability to fix this light to piping, dimensional lumber, jobsite equipment, and cabinetry & doors.

These hanging features are paired with a folding rotating light head design allowing our users to direct the light to their workspace to increase productivity. The M18 Pivoting Area Light puts out 1500 lumens of high quality light and runs up to 20 hours with a M18 REDLITHIUM™ 5.0Ah Extended Capacity battery pack giving users a powerful flood spread and all day runtime. It is impact resistant up to 2.7m allowing it to take a drop and keeping working.

  • Rotating folding light head design.
  • Integrated magnets for metal studs, I-Beams and job boxes.
  • Spring loaded clamp for wood studs, scissor lifts, ladders and job carts.
  • Up to 20 hours run time.
  • Survives 2.7m drops.
  • IP Rating - IP54 - Dust and water resistant.
MILWAUKEE M18PAL-0 M18 Cordless Pivoting Area Light
Ships from
Batam, Indonesia
Voltage 18V
Modes High (1,500 Lumens), Medium (600 Lumens), Low (300 Lumens)
Battery M18™ REDLITHIUM™
Lumens 1,500
High Mode 1,500 Lumens
Low Mode 300 Lumens
IP Ratings IP54
Length 165mm
Weight 1.4kg